Looking at the World, Close to ASEAN, Winning and Struggling

Source:Huali International  PubTime:2019.07.25  ViewNum:2179

The theme of the conference is "Looking at the world, sticking to ASEAN, Winning and Fighting". Under the drastic and profound changes in the global business environment, sales of overseas resources business increased 88% year on year in the first half of the year, and Holley international sales increased 223% year on year.

At the meeting, the business sector leaders around the business development of the first half of the summary review and second half of the thinking plan. Ms. Shen Xiuhong, General Manager of Overseas Resources Division and Chairman of Holley International, commented on the current situation, problems and development direction of the Division/Holley International respectively, and carried out the spirit of the semiannual meeting of the Group. Shen Xiuhong hopes that every new and old employee, whether in the business department or Holley International, will have confidence in the development of the company and put it into work with 100% responsibility. Secondly, she should have a pioneering and innovative spirit, and at the same time increase the development of new agricultural and sideline products while maintaining the old business. Variety business, broaden business vision and strengthen new business capacity building; Third, high standards, strict requirements, proud of the value of creation, everyone regards themselves as operators, with thinking and doing things.

During the meeting, Professor Luo Suihong of Zhejiang University was invited to share the theme of "hot spots, difficulties and breakthroughs in China's macro-economy and finance from the perspective of Sino-US trade frictions" in order to broaden your international vision and thinking power.

Strive to step up in the second half of the year

Wang Licheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, made a concluding speech at the meeting. Wang Licheng pointed out that the future succession of the old and the new needs to be institutionalized and completed in an orderly and dynamic manner under the institutionalization. This process requires more and more outstanding young people in the Department to grow up to be the cadres in their own right. Regarding the future development of the business department, Wang Licheng emphasized that the business department has grown from the initial six to dozens of people now, which can not be separated from the team with Shen Xiuhong as the general manager to boldly explore and carefully verify step by step. After solving the current "living" problem, the business department should find itself in the big strategy of Holley Group. Orientation and building global supply chain are the initial intention and mission of Holley parent company to set up business department, and also the direction of future struggle and breakthrough for business department.


It is hoped that all colleagues in the Ministry of Business will have a clear organizational and personal positioning and adhere to the Twelve-Character policy of "looking up at the stars, being down-to-earth and sticking to the end". No matter how the international situation changes, how complex and severe the external environment is, we can only live a better life by basing ourselves on our own duty and making great efforts to do our own work.