Holley international, its predecessor was the international trade department of Holley Group, founded in 1993. Zhejiang Holley import and export co., LTD was established in 1998.  In 2003, the diversified company changed its name to "Zhejiang Holley international Development co., LTD." , which is specializing in supply chain services of bulk commodities and chemical plastics raw materials, comprehensive export business of small and medium-sized enterprises, export of medical devices, export of power transmission and photovoltaic products as well as overseas electric power project contracting. Over the past two decades, Holley international has been constantly pioneering and innovating. Relying on the national "One Belt And One Road" layout, with a global strategic thinking and an open international vision, it has optimized and integrated resources as well as implemented the "going global" strategy. On the basis of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, we will strive to become a diversified and professional high-quality supplier and overseas engineering service provider.

Main business includes:

Supply Chain Services of  Bulk Commodities and Chemical Plastics Raw Materials:
Mainly engaged in DOP\DOTP\DINP\DPHP plasticizer plate series products; PVC series products; stabilizer series products; coal, calcium carbide, methanol, BDO, PBT, GBL, THF and other upstream and downstream polyurethane products; PTA, ethylene glycol, styrene and other chemical products, the company owns the professional qualification of  "Hazardous Chemicals Business License". Relying on the strong strength of Holley Group, the company actively exerts the advantages of resource integration, deeply integrates into the fields of polyester fibers, plastic soft products and petrochemical industry, provides professional supply chain services for upstream and downstream industrial customers, and actively implements the concept of green environmental protection, continuously explores the sustainable development model.

Comprehensive Export Business of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: 
Focusing on the export business of hardware tools, home textiles, outdoor light box film, outdoor tent and other decorative materials, lighting lamps, auto accessories, network cameras, safety seats, wires and cables, artificial leather and other products, as well as the import business agent issuing service. Adhering to the business philosophy of mutual benefit and win-win, we provide professional services and platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises, domestic offices of foreign companies and SOHO foreign trade talents through the global international station platform, and we are determined to be your sincere friends.

Export of Medical Devices:  
In March 2020, the company obtained the medical device business record, it has the qualification to operate the first and second class medical devices. The main business includes the export of medical masks (disposable medical masks, surgical masks and protective masks) and non-medical masks (anti-particulate masks, such as N95), protective clothing and other services. 

Export of Power Transmission and Photovoltaic Products: Focusing on power transmission and transformation products, photovoltaic systems and their components, instruments and accessories of Holley brand. Through more than 20 years of market cultivation, the company has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with foreign customers and domestic partners. Implementing technical cooperation and leading strategies in the technical field, the company actively achieve the goal of global leadership in the field of power and electrical products and systems through independent and joint research and development.

Overseas Electric Power Project Contracting:In December 2005, the company acquired the qualification of Overseas Project Contracting. Through establishing strategic cooperative relations with well-known domestic power and photovoltaic products manufacturers and power system design units, relying on the resources platform, reliable product quality, excellent marketing team and good customer relations, we have actively promoted the implementation of international strategy to open up overseas markets, and we have undertaken and completed several overseas projects, covering Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We have gradually formed the core competitiveness of overseas projects (EPC).

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