The 49th Anniversary Siqing series of activities you care about has begun!

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49 Years of Wind and Rain

Forty-nine years'salary and fire have been handed down from generation to generation

Forty-nine years of splendor

September 28, 2019

The 49th anniversary of Huali's Entrepreneurship

October 1, 2019

The 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China

On this meaningful anniversary

Walk with our motherland and strive for the future




Let's start with a soul torture. Can you sing a divisional song? As a compulsory course for Huali people, it's time for Sige to show real skills ~pull up the small partners to learn and sing Sige together, and comprehend the spirit of Huali!

This time, we have also prepared a positive energy song link for the talented people of Hualida. Whether you like singing, dancing or rap, this stage is shining by you!



In the circle of friends, looking at the healthy posture of the members of the Huali Running Group and the Hiking Group, would you like to have a good sports experience?

This time, I invite you to join the Huali Movement Force and feel the baptism of sweat, inquiry from the heart and the will of perseverance. Eco-friendly cross-country trip, hiking or running, there is always a suitable for you, so that you can "protect the green home, share healthy life" in the popularization of new knowledge of environmental protection.




Want to see the fairy fight?

Want to be a mini-harvester?

Want to sweat like rain on the court?

Warm blood September, "Huali Cup" to help you achieve!